As you may know, the city of Cheyenne has fallen in line, as good soldiers, with the recent U.D.C. decision passed by the City Council and Mayor Rick Kaysen to float our property rights down the "global" river.

We continue to hear some of the City Council members, who are up for re-election, rhetorical cries of  "If re-elected, I will repeal our decision", ad nauseam! It seems that they don't even understand the damage they have done to your property rights and now they want you and I to re-elect them? Should we be party to repeat the same mistake again and expect a different result? I'll let you answer that question.

About two years ago, just south of Cheyenne in Ft. Collins Colorado, the city tried to take control of two private trash companies. Because of the decision of your City Council and current Mayor, Rick Kaysen, where does OUR trash go? Oh yes, Colorado! Concerning the two private trash companies in Colorado, the city was not going to compensate these two private companies for the loss of their customers, they were just going to take their businesses from them. They accomplished this in two parts.

First, the City Council passed an ordinance forcing the private companies to them them all about how they ran their private businesses. This was to include demands that they turn over their proprietary business strategies, taking their customer data bases, operating plans - all going to the city for their review. If the private companies refused to turn over their private business dealings to the city, then they would not license them in Ft. Collins. Checkmate right?

Second, the plan that the city incorporated was to take 6,600 customers from these two private trash companies and force the customers into what the city called a "pilot project." Those 6,600 customers would be forced to pay the city for trash services, leaving the customers without a choice of who they wanted to pick up their garbage at a competitive rate. Does all this sound a bit familiar to the Cheyenne resident? Well here is what we, as citizens, are up against if we continue to vote the same perpetrators to our City Council.

There are many elected officials, nationwide, as well as in Cheyenne, who have no idea what I.C.L.E.I. is or where it is coming from. Those that do know what it is and what they're about will deny any association with or knowledge about them. So who knows about this on our City Council here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We'll thanks to many of our citizens here in the city, they are all aware of this in one form or another. The mission of the Internal Council on Local Environmental Initiatives is to bring "global standards" to your property. With the unanimous vote of the entire City Council, to include Mayor Rick Kaysen, they have voted "no" on your property rights, and "yes" to global standards issued by the United Nations.

I.C.L.E.I. 's mission to to transform local government, working through city employees to implement their agenda when local City Councils wish not to comply. Well in our case, they won't have to work so hard on this as our City Council has given them the "right away" to implement their global standards. Another "tactic" that they use is to pressure council members, mayors and city managers to adopt foreign policies for their cities - ie: UDC codes, Plan Cheyenne, Area Beautification, Round-A-Bouts, and the list goes on and on! That is the mindset of those on the Federal Level now! That is to equalize income worldwide. In other words, take from the "have's" and give it to the "have -not's." This is not just for America, but for the entire world.

Much more could be said about this, and maybe I'll write more later. Let me ask you this question. There are those that are running for re-election for City Council. One member, Amber Ash, is running for County Commissioner. Can we really expect a repeal or change if we vote the same people to be good stewards of our personal and property rights, as insinuated by our founding fathers, if we continue to vote them into office? I know I have only scratched the surface, but I have tried to do my part. Now, will you do yours? Be an educated voter this election and let's not make the same mistakes we made before. We'll have a better city and county for us and our children in the end.


Gary Freeman is host of Across America w/ Gary Freeman on AM 650 KGAB and He also writes for Liberty's Torch and other news outlets. You may contact him at his email address:

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