The Dunking Booth for the 37th Annual Superday is officially on.

Line lineup currently includes Mayor Marion Orr, Glenn Woods, our amazing Chief of Police, and so many more!

The Big Dunk happens June 22 at the South side of Lions Park for Cheyenne's Super Day.

The event helps Cheyenne's Mayors Council for People With Disabilities raise money while also raising awareness for the disabled community!!! They are a 501 (c)3 and are not part of the budget so help is needed.

Here is what the lineup looks like so far.

10-10:30 CPD Chief Kozack
10:30-11 Mayor Marian Smith Orr
11-11:30 Rhianna Brand
11:30-12 Rocky Case
12-12:30 Joe Shogrin
12:30-1 Molly Palmer
1:30-2 Rick Coppinger
2-230 Glenn Woods KGAB
2:30-3 Cameron Karajanis
3- 3:30 Pete Laybourne


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