April 29 to November 6, 2018 will be the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie. The treaty’s negotiation and signing by tribes of the Northern Great Plains took nearly seven months to complete.

This year, "Honoring the Spirit" will be held at Fort Laramie National Historic Site to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the treaty, beginning with a very public opening ceremony on April 28, 2018.

The event begins by greeting the day at sunrise with prayer, drums and song. Later there will be a sharing of native history from the time before trappers, traders, and forts. Also native perspectives on the treaties will be explained as a counterpoint to the standard history.

This is a time to walk among the encampments of the various tribes that will come from around the region and around the nation.

Though there will be some private ceremonies open only to invited guests of the tribes, most activities will be open to the general public.

This is a chance to step back into the past and experience one of America's defining events with the ancestors of those who were there.

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