Incoming Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins says one of his first priorities in office will be "getting that relationship with the city council and the mayor reestablished."

It's no secret that Collins' predecessor, Marian Orr, had a rocky relationship with the council. The city's first female mayor often drew criticism for her actions, and failed to make it past the primary election in her bid for a second term.

"My term on the city council with Mayor Spiker, and then I did serve a term with Mayor Kaysen, we had very cordial, good working relationships," Collins told KGAB Radio.

"It's really important to me that we get back to working together," he added. "You can't solve today's problems and tomorrow's challenges unless you're working together in management."

Collins says he's "really excited" to work with an experienced governing body that understands the issues, so they can have "good, in-depth conversations" about what the city needs to move forward.

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