Buffalo Bills quarterback and former University of Wyoming standout Josh Allen has had an incredible 2020 NFL season. And he's starting to get some attention when it comes to this season's MVP race.

If you were to ask anyone who watches NFL games every week, "Who is this year's MVP," you would probably get quick answers that would most likely be either Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes. While they are the front runners for the award, also emerging into the 'MVP conversation' steps Josh Allen.

Today (December 31st) on Colin Cowherd's sports talk show, 'The Herd', he made the case for Josh Allen to be considered for MVP this year, along with Rodgers and Mahomes. What has Allen done this year? Only 34 passing touchdowns, just 9 interceptions, 8 rushing touchdowns, over 4300 yards passing through 16 games and a completion percentage of 69 percent. Those are some pretty amazing numbers. Also, this past Monday, he broke NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly's Buffalo Bills single season passing franchise record of 33 touchdowns in a season. Yeah, Allen's having a pretty outstanding year.

Cowherd mentioned today that for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers has the likes of Aaron Jones at running back, Devante Adams at wide receiver, an offensive line that's ranked 1st in the NFL in pass protection, and one of the more clever progressive offensive coaches in the league in Matt Lafleur. On the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes has arguably the best tight end in the NFL with Travis Kelce, the fastest player in the NFL with Tyreke Hill at wide receiver, and one of the best offensive play calling coaches of the last 20 years in Andy Reid. On the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen has wide receiver Stefon Diggs and....well, that's about it. It's hard to argue against that point.

As it stands right now, Fox Bet has the odds for the MVP race looking like this:

  • Aaron Rodgers -400
  • Patrick Mahomes +250
  • Josh Allen +1200

So the odds are in favor that it's more or less a two-man race between Rodgers and Mahomes. But today, Colin Cowherd, who is someone I don't personally always agree with, until now, said that going into week 17, he'd give Aaron Rodgers a slight miniscule lead over Josh Allen for MVP, which could change based on what happens this week.

What does this mean when all is said and done? Probably nothing. The award will probably, most likely go to Rodgers or Mahomes. But what a year Josh Allen is having and the best part is, it's not over yet!

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