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The University of Wyoming released a statement from head football coach Dave Christensen on Sunday about comments he made after Wyoming’s loss to Air Force on Saturday. Coach Christensen shook hands with Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun, then appeared to yell at Calhoun.

I want to apologize to Wyoming fans, the Mountain West Conference and the game of college football for my actions and for the comments that I made after our game against Air Force.  I let my emotions, my passion for our football program and the frustrations of the first half of the season get the best of me, and my actions reflected negatively on our program.

I have always tried to teach the young men in our program the importance of sportsmanship in our game, and with that said, I believe it is important to let them know that when you do make a mistake you need to stand up and take responsibility for your actions.  That is what I am doing with this apology.

-Dave Christensen

During a post-game interview, Calhoun would not say what Coach Christensen was yelling at him about, only that it was “not a conversation you’d have with your mom.”

Christensen told media after the game that he questioned the ethics of Calhoun because of a delay in the game to attend to an injury to quarterback Connor Dietz, who re-entered the game shortly after.

Comments from UW Athletics Director Tom Burman accompanied the release containing Christensen’s statement.

The postgame actions and comments made by Coach Christensen do not represent Wyoming Cowboy Football in the manner we expect, but I respect Dave (Christensen) for issuing this apology.  I know he wants to express to his team and to Cowboy fans everywhere his sincere regret in what happened on Saturday night and how proud he is to be their head coach

-Tom Burman

The Mountain West is reviewing the incident and could punish Christensen for his actions.

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