by Donna Garner



Tonight is the big debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.  Any Vice-President is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  As we watch this debate tonight, we need to consider:


“Which one has the expertise to create jobs and lead our country into financial stability?”


“Which one would make sure our American diplomats and interests abroad are protected rather than putting politics ahead of saving lives?”   


“Which candidate could be trusted to lead the United States down the path that honors our closely held American values?” 


“In a time of crisis, which candidate could be trusted to stand with the countries who share our common values and have been our perennial friends?”  


“Which one could be trusted to honor the Constitution of the United States?”



To me, the answer is clear; and I believe after this debate tonight, the answer will be clear to anyone who is clear-minded enough to care about the future of our country. 


The Romney/Ryan team no longer needs to be called the “Comeback Team.”  They are the “Takeover and Lead Team.”





"Obama Is Not Likeable"

by Donna Garner

8.28.12 (Republished on 10.11.12)


I get so tired of the media, pundits, Democrat operatives, and even Republicans who say that Obama is such a "likeable" person. 


Let me pose this thought:  I am Donna Garner, an average middle-class American who is 71 years old, a retired teacher who never made more than $36,000 a year after teaching for more than 33 years.   


My husband and I make monthly payments out of our own pocket for three different health insurance plans to try to cover any impending health crises. 


We live in a very modest home (1600 square feet) in Central Texas; and we clean it ourselves.  I get the “lucky” job of scrubbing the toilets. [Note: Michelle Obama has 22 full-time assistants paid for by the taxpayers.] 


My husband and I have no political clout, no inherited wealth, no famous family name; and we are struggling to pay for the high price of gasoline at the pump.  We cannot fly places because we cannot afford the plane tickets.   



Meanwhile, Obama, Michelle, and their two daughters have taken 16 vacations in 3 years; Michelle Obama’s ski trip to Aspen, Colorado, on President’s Day (July 2012) cost the taxpayers $83,183.



A trip to Spain in 2010 by the Obama family cost the taxpayers $467,585 with a trip by Michelle and her daughters to South Africa and Botswana in 2011 costing taxpayers $424,142 just for the flight and crew.  



The Obama family’s trip to Hawaii (17 days in December 2011, flying on separate planes) cost the taxpayers almost $4 Million. 



As of June 17, 2012, Obama had jetted around the world to play golf 100 times since becoming President.  



All of these trips by the Obamas have been made while more than 13 million Americans have been out of work.  Why hasn’t Obama called for a Jobs Summit to come up with creative ideas to help these 13 million Americans to get back to work -- 5 million of them have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more? 



To me, Obama’s dereliction of duty and lack of compassion for the unemployed certainly do not make him “likeable.”   



Why should we common, everyday Americans care how "likeable " Obama is when we will never even meet him?  Our lives are never going to intertwine with his.  Since we do not drink alcohol, we are never going to have a “good old boy” Beer Summit with Obama.


We as middle-class Americans will never be around Obama on a personal, day-to-day basis. 



What difference does it make to us in our situation whether or not Obama is "likeable"?  It may make a difference to Michelle Obama but not to us.



What we care about is how Obama and his policies affect our daily lives and the future of our children and grandchildren – those who will become the leaders of tomorrow! 



On that basis, Obama is not “likeable” at all!




How "likeable" is it when:


Obama puts the Keystone XL pipeline on hold when his approval could have created 20,000 good jobs?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama keeps his past a mystery?  Obama's birth certificate is highly questionable; and he spent at least $4 Million dollars to seal his work record, visas, and college records from public scrutiny.  Most of us are proud of our education, grades, and reports.



We know that Obama’s main work experience was as a community organizer in Chicago and that he was a frequent pot-smoker.  



We also know that Obama's pastor and spiritual mentor was Jeremiah Wright. Wright was a former Muslim who promotes black liberation theology and white-hating ideas. Obama threw his pastor of 20 years “under the bus” when the truth surfaced about Jeremiah Wright. How “likeable” is that?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama supports partial-birth abortion?  It certainly is not very “likeable” to the baby whose brain is forced open by forceps and the brain matter is suctioned out. 



In fact, if Obama had had his way, our children and grandchildren might not even be here because according to Obama’s voting record, they could have been murdered through partial-birth abortion if they were considered to be an inconvenience.  How "likeable" is that?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama is trying to take over our grandchildren’s schools, forcing them to accept the unhealthy lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) lifestyle which, if adopted, would put them at great risk for sexually transmitted diseases, unspeakable bowel and mouth diseases, and/or early death?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama is forcing pro-life/pro-traditional family taxpayers to pay for contraceptives and abortions for unmarried women such as Sandra Fluke so that she and her cohorts can practice their promiscuous sexual activities?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama has put our nation’s security at risk by weakening our military/nuclear defenses and making us the laughing stock of the world? 



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama has allowed Iran to be literally months away from developing its own nuclear weapons that could have the capability of being launched at both Israel and at the United States?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama has sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah and has also put our soldiers in Afghanistan in mortal danger by announcing a definite departure date?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama betrays our friendship with Israel?  He tells Israel to give up its settlements, go back to the pre-1967 borders, and treats the Israeli Prime Minister with disdain and disrespect at a White House lunch.




How "likeable" is it when:


Obama has led our nation into a national debt of almost $16 Trillion that amounts to $51,000 per person. 



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama has led our country for the first time in its history to run a deficit higher than $1 Trillion for four years in a row?  



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama has divided our country by constantly creating class warfare, making people think that taxing those who make $250,000 or more will pay off the ever-expanding deficit.  The truth is that all of those taxes added together would only raise around $85 Billion, leaving the deficit of $1,015 Billion for middle-income people such as you and me to pay off.  How likeable is that? 



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama's reckless spending and veto threat would increase each taxpayers’ 2013 income taxes (“Taxmageddon”) by as much as $2,000 to $4,000?




How "likeable" is it when:


Obama is deliberately trying to rob our children and grandchildren of America's wealth by transferring that wealth to countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, and China?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama publicly blames Romney for the death of Joe Soptic's wife when in reality Romney had left Bain Capital years before Soptic lost his job, Soptic's wife had separate health insurance coverage when she went to work for a new employer, and she actually passed away five years after her husband's plant was closed down?  



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama's  healthcare legislation (ObamaCare) takes $716 Billion out of senior citizens' Medicare coverage which if allowed to go forward would create a type of "Death Panel" made up of 15 unelected people who would decide whether we senior citizens live, experience a lifetime of pain, or die prematurely.  How "likeable" is that?   



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama's plan to rob $716 Billion from Medicare forces our own trusted doctors to quit the profession because they cannot afford to keep their offices open any longer?



How "likeable" is it when:


Obama defies the Constitution of the United States, sets himself up as a "ruler" instead of a President, signs numerous Executive Orders, and ignores people's religious freedoms? * 




How "likeable" is it when:      


Obama is actually a Socialist politician from Chicago, practices Saul Alinsky tactics, and personally "slashes and burns" his political opponents at every opportunity as Campaigner-in-Chief? 






We say that political candidates, their high-priced consultants, and intelligent voters need to stop talking about Obama's "likeable" factor and concentrate on what really matters:  Obama's ideological policies and how they are destroying our country. 


Knowing that Obama does not come anywhere near to fulfilling the definition of "likeable," we need to influence everyone within our circle of influence to go to the polls on Nov. 6, 2012 and divest our country of Obama and his disastrous economic, domestic, and foreign policies.     



Donna Garner

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