Once again stories are popping up on Wyoming news sites pushing the already debunked "Gender Pay Gap."

These stories claim that Wyoming has one of the largest gender wage gaps in the country. State representatives Marti Halverson and Cathy Connolly have teamed up on a study to have a closer look. The study was conducted by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

Among the key findings was that out of Wyomingites who worked full-time, year-round jobs in 2016, women earned 68 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

The study does not consider that men are payed more for the dangerous jobs they preform, as opposed to most of the women in the state who choose not to take risky jobs.

The fact is that when a man and a woman in Wyoming are working for the same company, doing the same thing, they get paid the same, unless one has been here longer or has a better work history with the company.

But, okay, lets look at this another way.

Because men in Wyoming tend to take far riskier jobs, they tend to get injured, maimed, and killed far more than women.

This "Gender Death Gap" is unfair. It is discriminatory.

It is time for women in Wyoming to step up and take the jobs that they, so far, have mostly left to the men. When the injury and death toll of women finally equals that of men in Wyoming we will surly see the wages equal out as well.

I'm sure you ladies won't mind stepping up.

So get out there ladies, climb those oil rigs in the middle of winter to replace a broken part. Get burnt welding and roll that tractor. We are counting on your to close that gap in the name of equality in "The Equality State."

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