The state of Wyoming has spent a lot of money erecting those electronic highway signs over our interstate system. So far I have yet to see a sign that told me anything I needed to know, or anything I did not already know, so I'm a big cynical about them, I'll admit. For that reason I've come up with my own sarcastic answer to some of WYDOT's interstate messages, and decided to share a few of my favorites with you.

Do Not Text And Drive: I don't think that message will ever reach it's intended audience.

Caution, Snow On Road: WOW, thank's for telling me. I thought I'd been driving on cocaine for the past two hours.

Distracted Driving Is Dangerous: Fair enough. That means that reading this sign is dangerous. Perhaps WYDOT should take them all down.

Road Rage Gives You Wrinkles: The condescending tone of the sign is giving me road rage.

Tailgating Is For Football Not Driving: No, it's for NASCAR and it's called "drafting." It saves me a lot of gas.

Those are a few to get the sarcasm started. If you have any snotty answers for WYDOT Highway signs please E-mail them to me at I'd love to read them and maybe include them in a followup post.

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