This country will never fix our problems if the civil nature continues the way it is. Unions are calling the TEA Party names TEA Partiers have been attacked by our Vice President even the President of the United States has called groups names, then tells everyone else not to. It's this kind of mentality that is impacting our country, dividing the people and causing more of a riff in our society. Join us today on The Morning Zone at 7:37AM MDT as  Les Rayburn joins us to discuss this problem and how the leadership of our country has led us to this crisis:

  • Why is the TEA Party being called such harsh names, and where are these insults stemming from?
  • How does the name calling insight more backlash and non-unity in our society?
  • Are the current leaders in Congress, the Senate and our President setting good examples to stop civil unrest in politics or are they in sighting it?
  • Will this back and fourth bickering and name calling lead to more problems for America down the road?

Meet Les Rayburn

  • Political Realist
  • Staunch Conservative
  • Served 35 years in the Army
  • Served 2 years in Viet Nam
  • Served 2 tours in Iraq
  • Highly Decorated Combat Veteran

Then at 8:07, the Executive Director of The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, Dale Steenbergen is back and will update us on the economic activity going on around the Cheyenne area including the latest on the "Oil Play", the on going negotiations by the City with Menard's for the land along Dell Range Blvd., and his thoughts on the possible use of eminent domain by The City to secure land to build a roundabout at 19th, Converse and Perhsing.