Outgoing State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill says she "regrets not focusing more on the legislature" during her term in office.

Hill says when she assumed office she "couldn't predict how important focusing on the legislature would have been", adding "they really created some havoc".

During her term lawmakers passed Senate File 104, which effectively removed Hill from leadership of the Education Department and replaced her with an appointed official. Although Governor Matt Mead signed the bill into law, it was eventually struck down by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Hill says she focused most of her energies on improving classroom instruction in Wyoming, and is pleased with the strides made during her term in office. She also says  some of her conflicts with lawmakers happened because she "refused to crawl" when dealing with legislators.

Hill, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor this year, will end her term in January. She will be replaced by Republican Jillian Balow, who defeated Democrat Mike Ceballos in last week's general election


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