Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill rejected the State's offer in a court case that has to be resolved before she can return to the Wyoming Department of Education. Hill filed a suit challenging Senate File 104, enacted last year that removed her as head of the Wyoming Department of Education. The Wyoming Supreme Court ruled in January the law is unconstitutional and remanded the case back to the district court in Cheyenne for further action..

Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael on Monday offered to agree that most of the law is unconstitutional. In exchange, Michael offered to allow Hill to return as head of the department while litigation over five minor issues continues.

In her response to Governor Mead's office and Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael, Hill said, "I am writing you to advise you that I will not return under your conditions because your conditions are unconstitutional." Hill added, "the constitution is not negotiable....Please let me know when you are prepared to dismiss the new issues you have raised, retract your March 7th letter, end the delays and fully allow me to return to office."