The Cheyenne Police Department says it's making significant progress toward its goal of reducing the city's property crime rate, which was 45 percent above the national average last year.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says year-over-year data shows stolen vehicle cases are down 19 percent, shoplifting cases are down 30 percent, burglary cases are down 34 percent and vehicle burglary cases are down 41 percent.

"We're trying to look at the data and predict where crimes may be taking place and putting extra enforcement in those areas as well as being more thorough in our investigations​," said Malatesta.  "We're also working with the courts in getting good solid prosecutions."

"Another huge part of the progress in this is people just being more aware and being more alert and locking up their belongings to prevent themselves from being victims of crime in the first place," he added.

Malatesta says it’s important citizens remain vigilant and continue to "Lock It or Lose It."​

"The majority of property crimes that we have are crimes of opportunity," he said. "Almost every week this year, (we've) responded to a vehicle burglary involving a gun stolen from a vehicle which was left unlocked."


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