For over 150 years, Cheyenne has been a haven for gunslingers, gamblers, and vagabonds. Some of those restless spirits may still be hanging around. Here are the most (in)famous ghost stories in the Capital City.

1. The Ghost of Gus Quarters - No other place in the Cowboy State can match the haunted history of F.E. Warren Air Force Base. The most popular local legend is the curious case of “Gus Quarters.” In the 1880s, a man named Gus was living in the barracks at Quarters 80.

According to lore, an officer returned from maneuvers one day and found his wife in bed with Gus. Gus tried to escape by jumping out of a second story window. Sadly, Gus hung himself on a clothesline as he fell. Over the years, officers in the barracks have heard his ghost attempting to open cabinets and moving objects, leading some to believe that Gus may still be searching for his pants.

2. Rosie at The Plains Hotel - When the Plains Hotel opened in 1911, it was the most luxurious hotel in the region. Legend has it, one of their early guests was a woman named Rosie who was honeymooning with her husband.

During their stay, Rosie found her new husband in the arms of a prostitute and shot them both in the woman's room on the fourth floor. She later turned the gun on herself in the Honeymoon Suite. Some visitors believe the ghost of Rosie and her victims still haunt the hotel.

3. The Atlas Theatre Preacher - Over the years, hundreds have witnessed what they claim are two ghosts that occupy this historic downtown venue.

One local legend attributes the spirits to a preacher who held church services in the building, only to discover that his wife was moonlighting as a lady of the evening. Legend has it, the preacher killed his wife and then hung himself in the theatre.

4. The Ghost of St. Mark's Episcopal Church - This historic church is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who died during construction of the building's iconic bell tower.

According to legend, two of the men who were hired to build the forty-foot tower vanished before the project was complete. One man later returned, claiming his partner had fallen to his death. In a panic, the man covered up the body inside the bell tower. Since then, visitors have reported strange noises coming from within the tower walls.

5. The Ghost of Fred Blume - Fred Blume was a justice on the Wyoming Supreme Court from 1922 to 1963. Legend has it, his ghost still haunts the building. The ghost has been known to turn on the lights at night and there have been numerous reports of mysterious cigar smoke coming from Judge Blume's old office.

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