Update 11:45 a.m. Saturday: The National Weather Service in Cheyenne is now warning about the possibility of baseball size hail, 70 MPH winds and possible tornadoes for Saturday, July 28.

The service issued this updated warning just before noon on Saturday:

  • Hazards:  Large hail up to baseballs possible, damaging winds in excess of 70 mph, and a few tornadoes possible, some may produce significant damage 
  • Areas Impacted:  Southeastern Wyoming, mainly east of the Snowy Range and the majority of the Nebraska Panhandle
  • Timing & Duration:  2 PM MDT through about 10 PM MDT
  • Impacts: Severe storms may pose a substantial risk to life and property. Outdoor activities will be impacted
  • Certainty & Considerations: High confidence exists in the development of widespread strong to severe thunderstorms

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