A spokeswoman for the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities [BOPU] says so far the city water supply remains safe despite the Keystone fire, which is raging in the area where the city water supply is collected.

Dena Egenhoff says water quality experts are watching the situation closely, monitoring the water 24 hours a day every day for contaminants.

Egenhoff says the water experts have the equipment and training to deal with any changes in water quality caused by the fire. she also says the BOPU will be working with the U.S. Forest Service and the Wyoming State Forestry Division to protect the city water supply from contamination.

As of Monday, the Keystone Fire had burned about 2,187 acres near Rob Roy Reservoir in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. The area is a critical water collection and storage area for the city.

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