A spokesman for the Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center says the care the facility is offering to veterans is much better than it was a few years ago.

Sam House admits there were some serious issues with veteran care at the Cheyenne VA a few years ago, at a time when VA centers across the country were being widely criticized.

An April 2016 Department of Veterans Affairs report found six Cheyenne VA Medical Center workers had been involved in a scheme to reschedule veterans appointments to make it appear that a mandate requiring veterans to be able to see a doctor within two weeks of making an appointment was being followed.

The investigation covered the time period between 2011 and mid-2013 when the mandate was in effect.

House said Monday that the workers had been aware of the mandate but had not kept it. "They are no longer with us," he added in an interview on KGAB radio.

House also admitted, "We did have a waiting list issue, absolutely." House says officials have worked hard to address the problem.

He said Monday that if a vet shows up at the center with a medical issue he or she can expect to see a doctor or other medical professional that day. House said it may not be the veteran's primary doctor, but they will get in to see someone.

House says in some cases they may not even need to see a doctor, because a pharmacist, for example, may be able to address the issue.

House says new hires have brought in and a top-to-bottom review of operations at the facility was implemented to address the problems.

He also said Monday the process of improving care is on-going and invited feedback from vets and their families on the quality of care they are receiving.

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