The Cheyenne VA Medical Center hosted its annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down today (Thursday).

Around 60 community partners turned out at the American Legion Post 6 with the goal of serving those who have served.

"The Stand Down started back in the 80s," said Drew Waldbauer, HUD-VASH Case Manager for the Cheyenne VA Homeless Program. "It kind of evolved into this resource fair, if you will, where today we have flu shots, legal services and haircuts that we give out."

"It allows us to have kind of a one-stop shop for homeless veterans," said Tatum Webb, Cheyenne VA Homeless Program Coordinator. "Veterans can come here, access resources and get some gear to get them set up for the winter in case they aren't able to access housing."

Waldbauer says it's hard to quantify how many Cheyenne veterans are homeless, but it is an issue.

"Here in Wyoming we have a pretty large population of homeless folks," said Waldbauer. "The number of HUD-VASH vouchers that are allocated specifically to veterans here in Wyoming are 90 and we've just about filled all of those."

Webb says homeless veterans that weren't able to make it to the Stand Down can always get help through the Cheyenne VA's Homeless Program.

"The VA Homeless Program has walk-in hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. if they need any kind of housing resource or just some information," said Webb.