After months of public input, Cheyenne has rolled out new on-street parking permits.

Police spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta says three new parking permit types are now available -- one for those doing construction or maintenance, one for downtown residents and one for food trucks.

"None of these would be reserved spots, they're all first come, first serve," said Malatesta. "Some of them apply to a particular block face, like the construction permit and the downtown resident permit."

The permits are $125 per month per vehicle. Applications can be found at

Malatesta says rather than being issued a physical permit, a person's license plate number will be entered into an electronic system and license plate readers will show if their vehicle has a valid permit or not.

"Basically the permit is your license plate," he said. "That system is accurate with GPS as well, so we can check and see if the person is in the right block or if they're in a place they're not authorized to be."


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