Cheyenne residents are being asked to stay away from city parks this weekend as crews begin cleanup from this week's storm.

"This snowstorm has broken lots of limbs in our older city parks and while some of the limbs have fallen to the ground, others are still high in the trees," said Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr.

"As the weather warms up over the weekend we could see additional limbs fall to the ground," added Orr. "What we don't want is someone getting injured because of a falling tree branch."

Cheyenne Urban Forestry says the heavy snow knocked over about a dozen large trees and damaged 36 trees to the point that they can't be saved and will have to be removed.

"We appreciate the public's understanding of the situation and we want them to know that it will be next week before Urban Forestry crews can get into our parks to work on some of the trees," said Orr. "Public safety is our top priority."

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