Now that an extraordinarily strong blizzard has left the area, the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is offering some advice on dealing with the aftermath of the storm:

''While many have begun the process of digging out across the region, a few important tips to keep you and your family safe as snow removal continues. If you have a fire hydrant near your residence, clear at least 3 feet from the hydrant so in case of a fire, crews can quickly access it as seconds are precious during emergencies. In addition, with a warmup on the way, much if not all of the snow will be melting with a destination in mind…your street’s storm drain. Take the time now to clear the entry of the storm drain to properly allow water to leave the road instead of freezing over at night. The wind certainly made quite the snow drifts, check and clear with a broom or your hands your utility meters and vents. As always, with clearing snow give yourself time and plenty of breaks to rest.''

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