Lynn Loghry of Lynn Buys Houses has found some unusual things in her almost five years of flipping houses, but the real estate developer never imagined she'd run into a major weed problem.

While cleaning Monday at a Cheyenne house she'd been renovating for about six months, Loghry found two packages under the stairs.

"When I opened them I found out there was pot in them," said Loghry. "We didn't think we'd top 32 feral cats someone left, but I think this is the winner."

Loghry says the marijuana, which she estimated to be about six pounds worth, was in plastic shipping bags that had been wrapped in brown paper, shrink-wrapped, wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in brown paper again.

"Although there were many recommendations of how to 'dispose' of it, I chose to drive it to the police station and turn it in," said Loghry. "I've never driven so slowly or carefully in my whole life."

Loghry says when her business partner, Shon Dermody, estimated the street value of the marijuana, he joked that she should "go back and get it."

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