An unhappy Cheyenne motorist decided to make his feelings known by affixing a cardboard sign to a couple of city signs.

A motorist driving 20th Street, heading toward downtown Cheyenne will notice a couple of temporary speed limit signs warning drivers to reduce speed to 20 mph.

Any driver who does not take the city's advice is in for a rude awakening. At the other end of the block is a big dip in the road. There are scrape marks in the road where drivers dropped down into the dip and scraped the pavement on the way back up.

Near the dip, the city has placed two signs on either side of the two-lane, one-way road warning "BUMP." Apparently, they were out of "Dip" signs, so "BUMP" had to do.

Checking GoogleMap you can drop the little yellow man down on the street and look at what 20th and Duff look like back in 2013. There was not a bump or a dip back then.

To the best recollection of area drivers, the dip, marked with the "BUMP" sign, has been there for a little over a year. Apparently, someone has had enough.

A couple of home made signs with lettering written on heavy cardboard were bolted to the both city signs. Yes, bolted, with a metal strip to hold them on. The protest signs will not be easily removed.

The signs read, "FIX" Me iT iS "1" Year.

That is exactly how it reads, as you can see by the photo above. Whoever the protester is, he does not know how to use quotation marks in "proper" context or when to use cApital letters.

We have not yet had any comment from the city on the signs. We are not even sure if the city knows about it. The added signs have been up there for several days.

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