In an effort to attract more officers, Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak has put Sergeant David Janes in charge of recruitment and training.

"We're having a difficult time finding qualified people to join our agency," said Kozak. "Right now we have seven openings on the police department for police officers."

Kozak says the department has never had a full-time recruiter, and he's hopeful Janes will be able to "really sell" the agency.

"We'll have someone dedicated virtually full-time to going out to other communities, going to different colleges and actually trying to find the best candidates to apply with our agency," said Kozak.

"(He'll be able to) really highlight what we have here to offer that really other police departments do not have," Kozak added.

Janes has started a new Facebook page to help potential applicants through the hiring process.

The page also contains useful information for those interested in joining the department.

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