Cheyenne Police recently served a search warrant in Cheyenne as part of their investigation into a 2015 double homicide at a local business, according to Police Chief Brian Kozak.

The chief says the warrant was served last week, but wouldn't give any details other than to say it's the latest step in the probe of the July 20, 2015, shooting deaths of 67-year--old Dwight Brockman and 76-year -old George Manley at the Coin Shop on West Lincolnway in Cheyenne.

Brockman owned the business while Manley was a frequent customer. Kozak says police "will never give up" on trying to solve the case, adding "it's a daily focus" for CPD detectives.

Kozak says so far most of the evidence gathered in the case "is going in one direction multiple times" but adds police just don't have enough evidence in the case to make an arrest yet.

The chief says even though the evidence seems to be pointing in one direction police are still "looking at the big picture" rather than locking in on one scenario.

The chief says information from around the country, as well as that generated locally, is being evaluated. He says much, but not all, of the evidence sent to Colorado crime labs has been evaluated and the results made available to investigators.