A family who got stuck going out to get ice cream and a person making an unsuccessful tequila run ​were among the many folks Cheyenne police helped out during this week's blizzard.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says police responded to 10 accidents and more than 30 stranded motorists on Wednesday, and six accidents and more than 20 stranded motorists on Thursday.

"Those numbers are certainly high, they're higher than we would have liked to see, however, the advanced notice of this storm with offices being shut down, all of that, I think that made a big impact in the number of accidents that we saw and drastically reduced that number," said Malatesta.

Because the city was on "Accident Alert" throughout the storm, police only responded to accidents involving injuries, road blockage, drunk drivers and hit-and-runs.

"We're aware that there would probably be far more than this number had we been responding to every single accident," said Malatesta.

"It could have been much worse," he added. "I think the majority of people were heeding those warnings and staying at home."


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