According to our town Townsquare Media reporter Joy Greenwald the Cheyenne Police Chief want's to hire a few more police officers.

Joy Greenwald writes, "In an effort to improve their response time and coverage area, the Cheyenne Police Department is asking the City Council for funding to hire more officers."

A quick look online shows that Cheyenne has 105 police officers but only 3 actual doughnut shops. They are Daylight Doughnuts, Delectable Doughnuts and The Doughnut Shop On Central.

We are not sure if the police are allowed on F.E. Warren Air-force Base any time they feel the need for a doughnut and coffee, so for now we leave that Duncan Doughnuts off the list.

There are many other places that sell doughnuts. But that is not the same as a fresh hot cup of coffee and a doughnut right out of the fryer.

That means that currently we have one doughnut shop for every 35 police officers. While it is true that we might be able to continue to serve these hard working folks with the current number of shops, even if we increase the number of police officers a little, we still have a problem.

Cheyenne is spreading out. With more neighborhood being built farther and farther away from the center of town that means a cop will have to drive a long way to fill his belly.

So where do we put it? Yellowstone road? How about where Lincoln Way and Pershing meet?

It is time for the Cheyenne City Council and the Mayor to step up and do something for our brave men and women in blue. We need a study. $600,000 should be enough money to get us he information we need.

Please call your city councilmen and Mayor Orr and advise them to take action now.

(The opinions expressed in the article are those of the one guy who wrote it. No one else at the offices of Townsquare Media need be ticketed).


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