Cheyenne Police are asking anyone who may have purchased a gun that may have been owned by a suspect in a 2015 double homicide to contact them.

That's according to a post on the Cheyenne Police Department Facebook page.

68-year-old Douglas Smith of McCloud, California, was arrested this week in connection with the July 20, 2015 killings of 67-year-old Dwight Brockman and 76-year-old George "Doc" Manley at the Coin Shop at 515 W. Lincolnway.

Brockman owned the business, and Manley was a friend of his.

Now police are asking anyone who acquired a firearm from Smith or who knows anything about a gun belonging to him, to contact Detective Pendleton at (307) 633-6666.

The post says ''information can also be provided anonymously at (307) 638-8477 or at''

Killings Happened With Large Crowds In the Area.

The killings happened just as a Cheyenne Frontier Days pancake breakfast was wrapping up, and crowds and heavy traffic were in the area. Police say they believe that Smith made the 911 call reporting an armed robbery at the business. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the bodies of Brockman and Manley, who had been shot to death.

At a Tuesday news conference announcing Smith's arrest, Cheyenne Police Chief Mark Francisco said Smith was not living in Cheyenne at the time of the killings, but was working here.

Police have so far declined to comment on a motive for the killings, citing the ongoing investigation. Smith was arrested in Siskiyou County, California on Tuesday, marking the first public break in the case, which had been heavily investigated for years.

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