Cheyenne residents looking to celebrate the Fourth of July with a bang may get a bust if they decide to shoot off fireworks.

Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta says even though fireworks are readily available, they're illegal within city limits.

"Anything that goes into the air or explodes is prohibited," said Malatesta. "You could receive a $225 citation if you're caught setting off those fireworks."

"It's actually illegal to even possess those types of fireworks within city limits," he added. "So if we come across those we would confiscate them."

Malatesta says while some people are legitimately unaware of the citywide fireworks ban, many folks disagree with it and refuse to obey the law.

"We actually see fireworks throughout the month of June and then after the Fourth of July as well," he said. "It's something that we deal with on an everyday basis around this time of the year."

Malatesta says the department issued four fireworks citations last year and six in 2015.

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