Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Officer Dan Long says investigators are looking at a letter left by a man who shot three other people in Cheyenne Wednesday morning for possible clues to what may have led up to the incident.

Long declined to go into detail as to the letter's content, but he did confirm the letter written by 77-year-old Larry Rosenberg did include references to a dispute over poker games at the Heritage Court Apartments, where Rosenberg and two of the victims lived.

Rosenberg left the letter with Mary Eastman, another resident of the building. Police say Rosenberg shot and killed 45-year-old Matthew Wilson of Cheyenne outside the building. Wilson was an employee of the building but did not live there, according to Long.

Rosenberg also shot 65-year-old Gregory Gilbert outside the building. Gilbert was taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, where his current condition is unknown. Investigators say Rosenberg shot 74-year old Larry Warwick inside the building.

He was also hospitalized at CRMC at last report. Gilbert and Warwick are both apartment residents.

Rosenberg left the area after the shootings and killed himself with a .22 caliber handgun at Hot Springs and Chestnut Drive as police were closing in. Long says police now think he rode a bicycle to get away from the apartment building.

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