A police initiative to address issues with homeless people in downtown Cheyenne is yielding results.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says in its first week, Operation Change has led to ten arrests and 23 summonses being issued.

"The observed offenses ranged from public intoxication to unlawful entry and having open containers of alcohol," Malatesta said in a press release.

Malatesta says homeless advocates have been accompanying the officers doing the patrols and Peak Wellness employees have been working with arrestees to provide rehab and direct them towards addiction services.

"Officers have been out on foot and bicycle, conducting security checks and checking in with downtown businesses," said Malatesta. "In the first week, officers have worked 28 hours."

Operation Change is funded by a federal community policing grant, which allows the department to put extra officers on the project without pulling them away from their other duties.

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