The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization will present it's final Downtown Strategic Parking Plan on April 17.

You can read about the plan here.

The presentation will take place at a meeting of the City Planning Commission at 6 p.m. ar City Council Chambers at 2101 O'Neil Ave.

The plan includes 11 different items, including such things as encouraging the use of alternative transportation, implementing a vision and mission statements for parking in the city, and stepping up enforcement of parking rules. Part of the plan for catching people who violate parking regulations is to use mobile license plate recognition technology to instantly identify vehicles that are guilty of parking violations.

Issuing more parking tickets could have the additional benefit of increasing revenues to the city.

The parking plan will also try to crack down on people who aren't disabled but use parking spaces reserved for disabled people. The plan will also look at ways to better maintain parking areas and develop new parking facilities.

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