In a press conference on Friday (October 25) Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr said that "A line has been crossed, and the lies have to stop," in response to accusations made by Cheyenne City Council President Rocky Case in regards to spending by the mayor's office.

"This isn't a he said, she said. These are blatant lies being told of me by Rocky Case and reported on by a clickbait website," Orr said in an opening statement. "The latest lie from Rocky is that I got a massage at the Detroit airport and charged it to the city and that Doug Randall from KGAB would report it without fact-checking is mind-blowing to me."

In an interview on the ''Wakeup Wyoming" radio program on Wednesday, Rocky Case said that a deeper dive into city expenditures has now revealed that apparently a massage at the Detroit Airport was ''charged to the city credit card." Case says it just adds to a list of questions that need to be answered.

"First of all, I can't imagine anyone would want to get a massage in the Detroit airport...but a true fact check of the receipt would show that Relax and Go is the name of the taxi company that transported me from the Detroit airport to the hotel where I was attending a conference representing Cheyenne, Orr said."

The Mayor then passed out copies of the receipt to people at the press conference (pictured below).

Recipe distributed my Mayor

Speaking to reporters after the press conference, Rocky Case said, "I don't know what Relax and Go is, but this is not a vendor receipt," referring to the paper the mayor distributed, "This is a ledger item from an accounting system. I don't know coded MCC description as 'taxi cabs and limousines'...perhaps it wasn't a massage, but I'd like to see a vendor receipt to prove that."

Near the end of her remarks, Orr said that Case's comments are personal and "...that he is avenging his mother."

Orr said that when Case's mother served on the Cheyenne City Council, she was censured for her abusive and anti-social behavior. Orr added that when Case's mother worked at the legislature, a complaint from Orr resulted in Case's mother being fired.

"That was almost 20 years ago. So now she spends her lonely mornings calling talk shows and going online disparaging me and my administration," Orr said

"Whatever went on with my mom and the mayor 20 years ago, I have no clue about that," Case told reporters.

You can watch Orr's and Case's remarks in the videos below:

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