Cheyenne City Council President Rocky Case is firing back at Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr over comments the mayor made on the ''Wakeup Wyoming" program on Wednesday.

In an interview with Glenn Woods, the mayor said, among other things, that Case has told people ''that when it comes to me, it's personal. You know, I've got thick skin, if he wants to not do his job, and not focus on leadership and council and put his sights on me, that's really a shame for his ward.''

Case called the program this (Thursday) morning to respond. Among other things, Case said ''None of this is personal. this is about good management of city funds.'' He went on to say that ''if she doesn't like tough questions, probably she is in the wrong business.''

Case has been raising questions over the last couple of weeks about how some money awarded to the city by the Bloomberg Philanthropies was spent.

Case said this morning that a deeper dive into city expenditures has now revealed that a massage at the Detroit Airport was ''charged to the city credit card." Case says it's ''not clear who got the massage"  but says it just adds to a list of questions that need to be answered. He adds that while members of the mayor's staff have city credit cards, it appears that the mayor was the only one with such a card in Detroit at the time.

You can hear Case's interview with Woods from this morning in the video above.

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