Saying "that was really a mistake on my part," Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr apologized Wednesday for a Facebook Live remark in which she said Wyoming didn't need to be a "safe haven" for Coloradans.

Orr made the comment on April 22, saying she was concerned about the "crazy numbers of Colorado residents coming into Laramie to the fly fishing shop to get weekend passes to go fishing."

Colorado was under a stay-at-home order at the time, and Orr said "that doesn't mean that they should come here and partake in activities in Cheyenne and Laramie County and Albany County."

"I was called out on this and I want to take a step back and apologize," Orr said during her Facebook Live update last evening. "We have a huge commuter workforce, like 3,000 people that commute back and forth every day between Colorado and Wyoming, and so that relationship is very close."

"What we need to do is just be sensible and be cautious and really do what's right for our communities and for our workforce and, again, our shared open spaces," she added.


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