A 60-year-old Cheyenne man is in custody after police say he threatened to kill his wife with a knife.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says police were called to the 1100 block of Gardenia Drive shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday after a woman called 911 and said her husband, Robert Drummond, was threatening her with a knife.

"Officers arrived and determined that Drummond had rammed the garage door of the residence with a truck and entered the residence where he put a knife to the victim’s neck and threatened to kill her," he said.

Malatesta says Drummond was attempting to leave in his truck when officers arrived, but they were able to stop him.

"Drummond would not comply with officers and held his hands behind his back while telling officers to shoot him," said Malatesta. "A CPD K9 was deployed and Drummond was successfully detained, sustaining a bite from the K9 in the process."

Malatesta says Drummond was taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, where he remains in police custody. Police are recommending aggravated assault, DUI and interference charges against him.


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