The new list of Top U.S. Cities for Global Trade is out, and Cheyenne has made the cut for 2017.

Global Trade Magazine considered smaller markets this year in addition to bigger cities like Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Denver. Their reasoning is that while big markets offer a lot they tend to be over burdened with regulations, fees, and taxes. Smaller markets, usually, are not as burdensome.

The ease of doing business in smaller markets has caught the attention of many international corporations and caused them to look into moving away to where doing business is easier.

The entry for Cheyenne reads as follows:


Population: 64,019

Unemployment rate: 3.6 percent

Sales tax: 5 percent

Though railroads have long been a mainstay of the local economy—the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific employ many residents—the city’s “Cheyenne Leads” initiative has pressed to diversify the economy, finding success on several fronts. Both Walmart and Lowe’s have distribution centers there, and the city has been successful in attracting several large data centers, including one from Microsoft. The city has also embraced local colleges offering tech programs."


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