Get ready for another great year of shows from the Cheyenne Little Theater, as they're set to start their 92nd season with their theme of "Around The World In Seven Plays", which is set to kick off in July. It's nice to see them moving full steam ahead after the struggles they saw last season.

The video announcement cuts in and out a bit, but don't worry, I'll help you out. The first play announced is "The 65th Old-Fashioned Melodrama". This show will run July 15th through August 8th.

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Next, get ready to sing along with "Mama Mia"! This will run from September 24th through October 10th.

Next show to announced is, well, "Murder Is Announced". I love a good "who done it". This will show November 12th through the 21st.

Those shows will take us through 2021 into what we all hope will be an incredibly calm and normal 2022, right? It seems fitting to be able to have a few laughs as we make it into 2022 and the Cheyenne Little Theater is ready to give you a few chuckles with "Don't Dress For Dinner". This show will be at The Atlas Theater February 11th through the 27th. This should be a great Valentine event for you and your sweetheart if you have one 10 months from now(Geez, it was literally just February).

"The Phantom Tollbooth" will take the stage March 11th through the 27th at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse. They tease this performance as a "family fantasy".  And we'll wrap up the season with Cabaret May 6th through May 22nd at the Atlas Theater, what a classic! I'm wondering how many times The Atlas has had that exact performance in their years?

This is a great lineup to get us through the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. Kudos to everyone involved in the Cheyenne Little Theater for another great series of shows.


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