A spokeswoman for Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power says con artists are once again posing as utility employees to demand money from residents of the area.

Sharon Fain says the perpetrators have been calling up CLFP customers and telling them their power is about to be disconnected unless a payment is immediately made using a pre-paid debit card. She advises anyone receiving such a call to contact the utility 1-866-264-8003 to verify the identity of the caller as well as the status of the customer's account with CLFP.

Fain says if the call is fraudulent the person should immediately contact local law enforcement. She says the Cheyenne Police Department is aware of the scam and is investigating the calls.

You should never give unknown callers Social Security numbers or credit card or bank account information, whether the caller claims to represent a utility or any other company.

Fain says if someone comes to your house claiming to be a CLFP employee you should ask to see a company-issued photo identification. If you are still concerned she says you can call the utility to make sure the person is legitimate.


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