With the calendar year almost half-over, many locations around southeast Wyoming are running well-below normal precipitation for the date, according to the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service.

That includes the communities of Laramie, Cheyenne, and Rawlins. The situation is especially dire in Laramie, which is facing its third-driest year in recorded history. according to the agency:

''We're almost halfway through 2022, so let's check in with how a few of our climate sites are doing so far this year in terms of precipitation totals. In short, not so great! We have been running very dry across the area, especially further south, leading to failing grades for three of our Wyoming climate sites with long term records. Most notably, Laramie has seen its 3rd driest year to date on record, coming in just ahead of 2006 and 2002. Here's to hoping for a wetter second half of the year!"

According to usaclimatedata.com, Laramie receives annual average precipitation of 11.43 inches, while Cheyenne receives an average of 15.94 inches a year. Rawlins has the driest climate of the three, with an average precipitation of only 9.25 inches per year.


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