A resolution declaring Cheyenne a city of kindness and generosity failed on a four to four vote Monday night.

"When I drafted this, I basically made all the scary stuff go away and made this generic," said Councilman Richard Johnson, who in August called six opposing council members a-holes for worrying Compassionate Cheyenne's proposal had political implications​.

"No one is trying to force anything on anybody," said Councilman Pete Laybourn. "We're just talking about the importance of these things in our community."

But Councilman Rocky Case didn't think the governing body should be in the business of legislating kindness and generosity.

"Some words on a piece of paper are not going to deter an individual that wants to go commit a less than kind act," said Case.

​Councilman Dicky Shanor echoed Case's sentiments, saying, "This governing body has no business making morality proclamations from this dais. We are not the city's moral police."

Councilman Mike Luna and Mayor Marian Orr also voted against the resolution.

"I was originally on the record as supporting this," said Orr. "(But) I'm not going to stand by I'm an a-hole if I vote against this resolution."

"I don't need a piece of paper to tell me that I'm the mayor of the best city in the country that is extremely generous of it's time and resources," Orr added.

Councilmen Dr. Mark Rinne and Jeff White were absent from Monday night's meeting.

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