We just celebrated Christmas in July, why not go from that to Halloween all in the same month. Makes sense, right?

Last year, Spirit Halloween took over a portion of the old Sears building on the west-end of Frontier Mall. This year, Spirit Halloween will be in the building next to Hobby Lobby on Dell Range.

Every year, Spirit Halloween temporarily takes over abandon buildings all over the country for a few months so we can get all of our favorite Halloween decorations and costumes. Each year Halloween Spirit seems to pop up earlier and earlier. They have already claimed the building next to Hobby Lobby on Dell Range for this year (which seems earlier than normal). Even though it is temporary you can shop with them online all year-round.

Spirit Halloween has been provided the best Halloween costumes and decorations since 1983. During the Halloween season, there will be just over 1,200 pop-up stores throughout the country.

There is no word yet as to when they will open but we are assuming sometime towards the end of August. Heaven forbid the kids to prepare to start school, no they need their Halloween costumes first.

Spirit Halloween

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