Nobody likes paying bills whatsoever. Nobody really likes having to pay anything honestly, but there are some goods and services that we need to have to live or lives. Unfortunately, if you're in the capital city of Wyoming, it just so happens that you are also paying more on average per month than anyone else throughout the state of Wyoming.

The company known as doxoINSIGHTS recently revealed a report that pretty much anyone in the Cowboy State shouldn't be too happy with at all. It seems that Wyoming is the 17th most expensive state for monthly bill costs throughout the entire U.S.

What is even worse for those that happen to live in Cheyenne is the fact that it is the most expensive city for monthly bill costs in the entire state. The average monthly bill in Cheyenne, comes out to $2,812. That is higher than the next highest city on the list, which is Jackson, at $2,525. Laramie finished 11th highest in Wyoming at $1,641.

So what exactly does that billing cost consist of? That monthly billing costs consists of bills such as mortgage or rent, auto loans, utilities, auto insurance, mobile phone, cable/internet/satellite, health insurance, home security, and life insurance.

Those monthly bills added up to 39 percent of the household income and were 1 percent higher than the national average. So if you compare it to the national average, it doesn't look so bad. However, if you're living in Cheyenne, you're at least slightly disgruntled by that. Especially since the state average was $2,022. That's almost a full $800 cheaper than Cheyenne's average. Yikes!

Hawaii, California, and New Jersey had the highest of any state with Hawaii's average being $2,911. West Virginia had the least expensive at $1,452.

With global inflation happening, times can be rough out there, Cheyenne. Safe as much as you can!

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