Wyoming really does seem like an escape for some people and it's no surprise that the most expensive home listed in the Cowboy State would be just that and not to mention, one of the more astonishing pieces of property you would find in any state.

If you're wondering who would have the most expensive listed home in the state of Wyoming, perhaps you may be thinking it belongs to one of the many celebrities that decide to move to Wyoming (mainly for the tax break), but you would be sorely mistaken. So no, it's definitely not Kanye's.

The particular mesmerizing home happens to sit on 55 acres in Jackson, WY. As the Teton Mountains run just in front of the property, it's been dubbed as 'Camp Teton'. The stunning views that overlook the mountains give the property a surreal feel.

The home has 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and a total of 8,980 square feet. This massive estate has aesthetics that make you feel like you're living in a dream. The property is running for all of $65 million.

So let's see just what the most expensive home in all of Wyoming has to offer...

Camp Teton

And that is the most expensive home in the entire state of Wyoming. If it looks like something out of a dream, hence, dream home, that's probably why. As I mentioned, it literally looks like something that should be on the cover of a prestigious travel brochure.

The property is at 1445 West Hansen Peak Road in Jackson. Check out the full listing here. If you happen to have $65 million lying around, it could all be yours!

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