The Cheyenne Board Of Public Utilities is warning people to be especially careful while using lakes in the city over the next few weeks.

BOPU crews were scheduled to begin filling Sloans Lake in Lions Park on Tuesday (Jan.30). As part of that process, water will be moved from Lake Absarraca to Kiwanis Lake to Sloan's Lake.

Its expected to take a few weeks to fill Sloans Lake, and the moving of water around the lakes will weaken the ice, making for a more dangerous situation for anyone venturing out on the ice.

BOPU spokeswoman Dena Egenhoff says people shouldn't judge the strength of the ice by appearance, age, thickness, outside temperature, or whether it is covered with snow.

She says ice may be a foot thick in some areas and only a few inches in others, especially over the next few weeks as water is being moved around.

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