Cheyenne Fire Rescue responded to 137 structure fires in 2017, according to a report issued on Wednesday.

That was roughly in line with figures from recent years. The department responded to 129 such fires in 2016 and 145 in 2015. The new report shows firefighters were called out on 573 false alarms last year and responded to a total of 8,352 calls of all types in 2017.

That total included 9 explosions and 344 calls dealing with hazardous materials. They were also called out on 5,799 EMS calls, of which 250 were car accidents.

Some of the other highlights from 2017 for Cheyenne Fire Rescue included the hiring of new Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt, who came here from Florida, and the ordering of a new fire engine to replace Engine 2.

The new engine is expected to arrive sometime this spring.

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