Sometimes everything goes wrong at once. Really wrong.

When the Boyles family loaded up and began their drive to Wyoming, it was out of need. There were kids to support and no jobs to be had where they were living.

Their car broke down in Colorado. A good Samaritan tried to give the entire family a ride and all of their belongs blew off the roof of the car. Stranded just outside of Cheyenne at a truck stop they were offered help by locals.

A call came into KGAB radio's morning show from a Cheyenne resident who had been spending her own money to keep the family in a hotel and fed. But she was running out of money to help them. She asked for community assistance on the air. Once again, Cheyenne stepped up.

They now have a place to stay, food, and the parents are actively looking for work.

Townsquare media, KGAB radio, along with local charities, (St. Joseph's Food Pantry & Toys For Tots)  brought the family everything they needed to make a Christmas dinner, along with presents for the kids.

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