A new state economic report show more bad news than good news for Cheyenne's economy.

The profile from the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division gave the capitol city a score of 102.92 on the Business Cycle Index (BCI) for December of 2015.

That compared to a score of 104.07 on the BCI for November of 2015 and a December 2014 score of 104.34. The BCI is a scale used by state Economist Jim Robinson to measure overall economic activity.

It takes into account  such things as unemployment, wages, the housing market and sales and use tax collections. The report shows Cheyenne lost about 300 jobs--a decline of 0.6 percent--between December of 2014 and December of 2015.

But despite that job loss the unemployment rate in Cheyenne actually went down over that same period. To see the full report click here.

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