After an hour of discussion Monday night, the Cheyenne City Council unanimously voted down a proposed contract between the city and Steve Avila to bring the Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) World Series back to Cheyenne this summer.

"We were approached last year by the Mustangs," said Jason Sanchez with the Community Recreation and Events Department. "They had been in talks with Mr. Avila and the folks from CABA to bring this awesome tournament to Cheyenne."

"We jumped on board," added Sanchez. "We thought it would be a great opportunity for our community (and) an awesome opportunity for our local youth."

The city contributed $50,000 to the tournament through an agreement with the Mustangs that they would reimburse the city, however, Avila was unable to bring in the the necessary teams to gain the profit needed for the city to be reimbursed.

"(The tournament) was suppose to produce 16 teams on Avila's promise," said Jay Folds, Assistant Varsity Coach for the Mustangs. "It produced two teams and one made-up team."

"Steve Avila failed to produce a tournament last year despite the fact that he was paid," said Mustangs Varsity Coach Rick Thompson. "He's failed to cover our losses as he promised."

"I think our desire to land a marquee tournament in Cheyenne for the economic development that it could bring was a good idea, but last year was a badly failed execution and it was because of Mr. Avila," Thompson added.

Avila was proposing a new 3-year agreement that would have credited the city $25,000 each year.

"There's not going to be a day where Mr. Avila is going to write a check at the end of this tournament to the city for $25,000 and do the same the following two years," Councilman Rocky Case asked City Attorney Sylvia Hackl. "That money is gone and we're not going to see it back?"

"That is correct," said Hackl. "The only way the city will see any money is if the revenues exceed expenses and those revenues will then be split."

"Lesson learned," said Mayor Marian Orr. "Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us."

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