The President and CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce says he thinks local businesses had a "solid" Cheyenne Frontier Days this year.

Dale Steenbergen says that while "I don't know that it was a home run year" in terms of business revenues, most businesses saw a steady stream of customers during the 10-day event. Frontier Days visitors are a major source of income for many businesses, especially restaurants, bars, hotels and gas stations, among others.

Steenbergen has likened CFD to ''A second Christmas'' for some businesses. He has credited it with contributing 10-20 percent of annual revenues for many businesses in Cheyenne and as much as 50 percent for some.

Economic Impact studies in recent years have credited Cheyenne Frontier Days with pumping anywhere between $25 million and $28 million into the local economy annually.

Steenbergen's comments about CFD 2017 are based on conversations with local business owners. Hard numbers won't be available until sales tax collection figures are released in a few weeks.

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